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Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

Ray gets up every morning around 5. One of our girls always makes her way to our room around that time. This morning it was Hanan at around 4. Ray generally goes ahead and gets up and starts getting ready for work. As I'm laying there in a king size bed with a small child wrapped around me, grinding her teeth in my ear, I have a few thoughts. I thought I would share some of them...

My first thought is I'm so freaking tired. Why don't these kids sleep? Are we the only people in the world that have children who insist on getting up at 5 every day? As she grabs me and holds me tighter and the teeth grinding gets louder I realize that someday I'm going to wish my girls wanted to cuddle or need their Mama after a nightmare. I'll take the teeth grinding at 4 a.m. with a happy heart and continue to wonder exactly how many kids I can fit in our bed. My other random thought is that I just might be freaking my husband out right now.

Since it's early I have plenty of thoughts running through my mind like, why is it that we have a huge playroom full of expensive toys but their favorite thing to play with is a box? How long is that box going to last? What kind of meltdown is going to happen when it breaks?

Is it time to break out this book? If you haven't read it, it's old but fabulous...Christina Katerina & The Box. Get it on your next trip to the library.

Whose child is that with the messy shirt and ratty hair? What kind of mother would post a picture like that on a blog? Get that kid a bath and brush and maybe some shout and laundry detergent. Wait, I think it will require Oxiclean.

Why did my kids make a trailer to go with their car? They are hick! I think I'm proud that they are hick. Is that wrong?

I've been trying to "fit in" with my new culture. Part of this has included experimenting with self tanning lotion. Did you know some of it is all glittery? My next random thought is that fat girls don't need to glimmer. The sheen creates the wrong kind of reflection. Ewwww! Make the thought stop.

Will it ever stop raining? Wait, I should be grateful that's it's rain and not ice.

Now I think I better be done and start cleaning this house! Plus, I'm reading to Arleigh's class today and Bria is coming with me. Everyone say a little prayer now. Pretty please.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

1) Ray is nuts to get up that early
3) your kids are adorable, ratty or not!
7) don't clean, blog!

heidi said...

UGH! Mine never sleep, either. I don't even bother putting Corban in his own bed unless, yk, uh...Rob and I need it alone. *ahem* Otherwise he just stays in there so he won't wake me up all night.

All these blogs with perfectly dressed, clean children are fake. FAKE. Kids at home look like yours and mine. Cheeto faces with ratty hair.

Self tanner? Really? Please don't turn into an oompa loompa!

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