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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Park Princesses

Being the mother of 3 little girls means lots of things for me. Right now, as we are in the middle of making a new home for ourselves more often than not I feel like it's full of drama. It's the drama of the boy at school giving Arleigh a teddy bear. It's Hanan's drama. Her full on tantrums, moments of her desperate need for attention. It's Bria squealing because someone is chasing her. It's tears over ruined shoes. It's fighting over clothes, bedtimes, and homework. It's pure giddy joy when we offer to do something out of the ordinary. Little girls live in roller coaster emotions. Sometimes, so do I.

We all need to be reminded to breathe and take in quiet moments.This weekend, we took a couple of hours and managed to enjoy each other. We are blessed with running trails just behind our house. You can take the trail all the way up to the girls' school. There is a fabulous playground at that school. So, on Saturday it was too cloudy and threatening rain for me to pack everyone up and head to the zoo. Ray wanted to work on a couple of projects at home. I packed everyone up and we off we went down the trail. Bria was in the stroller. Arleigh and Hanan were skipping, running, hopping and every now and then walking beside me. I worried a bit. I had walked it at least a couple of times and I knew it took me almost a half hour. I wasn't sure how they would do.

I should give my kids more credit. They laughed. They told me about everything happening at school. They found walking sticks and sang songs to entertain each other. They teased barking dogs. Hanan even offered to carry Arleigh's backpack when Arleigh barely started to complain about how heavy 3 tennis balls and a water bottle were. They were rewarded with a huge playground and wide open spaces to search for rocks and critters. (Yes, some girls do that.) I wasn't stressed out about what they were wearing or if their shoes were getting muddy. I didn't worry that Hanan insisted on wearing a headband more like a tiara. I just enjoyed being with them.

I am so glad I had my phone to record our time at the park. This is one of the reasons I blog. I hope in 20 years I'll remember without looking back at this post. Just in case... it's my record of a wonderful day with my girls.

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Lisa said...

They are just so beautiful!
I hope ya'll are settled soon!

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