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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Hairy Tooth Fairy

Arleigh lost a tooth a few days ago. Actually, I think it went more like Arleigh extracted a tooth because she wanted money and attention. Oh how times have changed! Her first lost tooth hung from her mouth for weeks before she would let anyone come near it. I thought she had lost nearly all of her teeth. I was soooo wrong.
Yesterday she came running to the van with a baggie, jumping up and down. Did she win an award? Is Joe Jonas showing up at the school tomorrow and she has the special golden ticket? Nope. She lost a tooth. She lost a tooth that I didn't even know was wiggly.
Arleigh tells me she lost a molar? Are you supposed to lose molars? Oh my the tooth fairy pays more for molars. (or so I'm told) In fact, this one kid... he got $100 for his first lost molar. It's true because my kids saw it on the news. If it's on television or on the internet it must be true right? Then I was also told we were lucky when we moved. Our new tooth fairy assignment is awesome. She comes on time. She leaves bills. This is going to be great. Arleigh is going to start extracting her own teeth for money and bets. Remind you of anyone?
I wish I could have spoken with our tooth fairy. I wish I could have warned her to have more than large bills in her pocketbook because I don't want my children to be spoiled. Yes, I want her to be prompt with payment on her receivables but $20 is a bit much for the first lost molar. Now that's the payment required on all first molars. I really thought the the tooth fairy would leave $1. She must have run out of $1 bills before she got to our house.

Since my girls are avid readers of this blog I have a message for them. Consider this tooth fairy a blessing. That's a huge payment for your first molar. Use it wisely and spend it well. I'll be reporting what happens with your new found fortune. It better not be wasted on junk at Justice!

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