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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Discussion On Lent

We don't typically participate in lent. While I like the idea of using self discipline to draw closer to Jesus, we truly believe grace alone saves us. "But grace without works is dead!" you say. Yes, true. "How about every day of the year instead of choosing a special 40?" I'd say or "That's great let's try it more than one day out of every week." That's another post and frankly with a 2 year old getting up at 4:30 every morning I'm just too tired to address it. Instead, I want to tell you about our discussion about Fat Tuesday and Lent.

I made a huge pot of jambalaya yesterday in honor of Fat Tuesday. Yes, I know gumbo is the more traditional choice. I would have preferred BBQ shrimp at etoufee but I digress. On the way home from the school my big girls were asking me about Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Lent. We are in the south again after all.

So I say something like "Fat Tuesday is the party before Lent."

Before I can go any further with an explanation Arleigh says, "Fat Tuesday is older than fuzz?"

After I died laughing we did have a meaningful discussion about lent, Ash Wednesday, fasting and all those other fine things that will happen for many people over the next 40 days. I think the only thing they heard me say is "No, you won't have to give anything up." Maybe we need to rethink this whole participating in Lent thing.

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