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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Girl Panties

I bought the big girl panties yesterday. One of the major things I dread of parenting for me is potty training. It's my own fault. My uber compliant oldest was the hardest child to potty train. I'll make a very long story short... I thought I was doing the right thing by giving her all the milk she could ever want. Once when it took her 7 days to poop. I called the doctor. He said give it a couple of more days and increase her fiber. Before it was over, we used mineral oil mixed with apple juice to regulate her. She still has an aversion to milk, poor kid.

I'm getting off track. If Bria stops what she's doing, gets a funny look on her face then makes an announcement, "Mama, Change my diaper!" said in the funniest voice you could ever imagine, it's time to start. If she poops, she walks all funny to her changing table and says, "This is Nasty!!!" Yep, it's time.

Really, I just needed a topic so I could post this cute picture of Hanan. It just makes me smile.

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heidi said...

That IS a cute picture! LOL The princess on her throne, eh?

I abhor potty training.

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