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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're In Memphis

Just in case anyone thought we drove over the deep end when we left Virginia for Christmas break, nope we're here in a sea of boxes and 15 degree weather. I didn't think that was supposed to happen in the south.

There are tons of things for me to tell you about like leaving Virginia in the winter, driving down a country snow covered road and seeing a guy with a bottle and a gun walking down the middle of the street. I can't stop now until we're settled in. I know you want to hear about Bria's horrific case of hives, our horrible chest colds and the new house. Give me a couple of days. I might turn up with Christmas pictures before February.


Shannon said...

Can't wait to hear how everything is going. Give me a call when you catch your breath.


Shanan said...

Oh.....hurry up and get your camera hooked up to your computer so you can catch us up! It has been great talking with you lately! Hope the boxes are getting easier to unpack. ;)

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