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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Help Lauren Help Uganda

Meet Lauren Edwards and her little brother, Jayden.

The navy community is small. Once you become friends, more often than not you are friends forever. When you live overseas it's easy to become even closer. When we were in Iceland, we became friends with a wonderful family. They had 4 children. Now they have five and they are hoping for number 6 very soon..

The Edwards have married off one of their girls, the other is preparing for a mission trip to Uganda. She hasn't reached her goal for funds. She needs to raise $1200 before Friday. If I could give her the $1200 I would. I could only give a little, but I can blog her cause.

Lauren attends Liberty University. I didn't know much about Liberty until another close family friend started attending a couple of years ago. We watched as he took off after a mission trip that traveled through the Mediterranean. Lauren has started her own blog to talk about her trip. You can see it here.

Uganda is a country that needs help. I know everyone is very focused on Haiti right now, and rightfully so. If you feel called to help, there is a link on Lauren's blog for you to donate to this trip. She has to get the funds by Friday. Every little bit would help and it's tax deductible!

Now...back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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