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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memphis Hair

I know I need to stop comparing our old life in Virginia to our new life here. I know I need to move on. I have to mention one thing... Memphis hair.

I didn't realize how much of an immediate effect the culture would have on my girls. In Virginia, P.E. is mandatory every day. The kids were required to wear tennis shoes every day. This meant in the morning leggings or sweat pants with a relatively appropriate shirt. Here, P.E. is once a week. The kids dress differently. They are dressed for school. Shirts must be tucked in with belts or kids are required to go to the office and call home. I am waiting for the day that the girls ask for Uggs. I'm not sure they will. They're pretty satisfied right now with what they have but the other day I was stopped at a crosswalk as the kids were walking home. I counted 23 pair. I doubt it's long before my fashionista is craving a pair.

The biggest change to our daily schedule is hair. No more pony tails... unless you're Bria. It must be curled or braided. It is now blown dry after a shower. It is fixed for every outing for all of us. That includes me.

I've even resorted to this...I put socks in their hair before they go to bed so it will be curled with they wake up. Bria's hair is naturally curly but she wants socks too.

So...I was asked for instructions on facebook. I have to tell you I stole the idea from someone else. Check out Shawni's Socks & Sundays post. I start as close as I can to their scalp and wrap and sometimes if it's short, twist the hair around the sock. Then you tie it. I found that if I rolled the sock up (like you were folding two together) after the know they stay in better. With Bria's, I just roll it I don't tie it.

It works very differently (as Shawni also says for her girls) on each head. Arleigh's hair is super thick. I tie hers while it's damp. Hanan's is fine and breaks easily. I tie hers closer to dry and often roll the sock instead of tying it where her hair is most likely to break (close to her face.)

This morning Hanan's will have to be fixed a bit with an iron. It looks a little like she stuck her finger in a light socket this morning. I just have to even out the curl. It doesn't take nearly as long as it would if I have to iron her whole head of hair.

Good luck. If you try it, I want to see pictures!

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