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Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally... Christmas Pictures

Mom and Ned (my stepdad) are coming for the weekend. We are all so excited to see them. We've been joking all week that we can't believe we're getting Ned to leave Golo. We have plans to see a couple of new houses because they are building a spec house. We'll also probably make a trip to Lumber Liquidators. Other than that, it will be a nice quiet family weekend. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do with the girls since there is no school on Monday.

Her are the infamous Christmas pictures that I have been promising. I didn't take many this year because Arleigh got a very nice new camera for her birthday. She was taking great pictures. I was excited because I was enjoying the excitement of Christmas. Little did I know she would accidentally erase her entire card before we got to a computer. Oh well. There are still a few to share...

I didn't grow up in Golo where my mom lives now. I've grown to love it. It's not far from my little town of Sedalia. She has lots of wide open spaces for the girls to run and lots of animals to see. It seems like every year we pull into her very long driveway and the house is all lit up. It sure feels like we're finally home. I didn't get a picture of the front of her house but this is always my favorite view when we're there.
We always go fishing. This year we got to fish from the new floating dock. Now I'm ready for Summer! Bria really didn't want anyone else to hold the pole. You should also know that the last sentence will bother my sweet husband. He hates to hear anything that references his daughters and poles in the same sentence.

This is Landon. I love Landon and I wish we were around him more often. He's my cousin's son and he's away at college.
Bria and her first webkinz. Seems like a really bad idea to let her anywhere near a computer. Maybe she'll just use him as a stuffed animal. I named him Frogurt. (Yes, I love LOST!)
This is Aidan. We love him too and his love for all things Titans. That's his mom, Emily holding his new sign.

This is Miss Bailey. I will now be referring to her as Miss Stinky. If anyone lit a match at Nana's and Papa's while she was there, I'm quite certain something much like the incident in Christmas Vacation. There was some very stinky swamp gas coming out of the dog's rear end.
Nana getting her Ethiopian art. Ray brought home lots of treasures from his trip to Africa. I'm really not sure what Mike is doing. I can't decide if he's trying to be creepy or stay out of the picture.
The annual picture in front of Grandma's tree.

Bria playing with Caden.
Less creepy picture of Mike... I wish he looked happier though. I'm sure there were more but the pictures are not loading very quickly. Maybe I'll post some more later.

In other news, let's all sing praises and say hallelujah. Everyone came home happy today. Everyone is going to school happy. We are know where near the finish line of this transition. In fact, I'm not sure I'll be happy with this school until next sememster. The good news is my girls are starting to feel comfortable. Arleigh's teacher is sending me more cooperative messages. We're on our way and I'm ever so grateful for the answered prayers.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am loving the girls striped p.j.s I cannot get enough of striped Pj's!
Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The first picture of the open space outside is just breath taking- so serene I wish we could move there!

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