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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Project Complete?

Our house in Virginia was beyond full. It was, in fact, packed to capacity. There was not another inch of wall space, shelf space or floor space where I could stick anything. When we moved, I purged...ALOT. I got rid of everything that I didn't like. Ray was teasing me over it. Now I have a fresh slate and I'm loving it. I love finding the perfect thing for the perfect spot.

Let me introduce you to our latest project...the mantel. (I must love that dot dot dot thing. I just realized I do that too often.) We have a mantel with a giant oddly shaped hole. It was probably the perfect shaped hole for a TV several years ago. Today, not so much. It throws off the space of the room because we have a ginormous TV that needs to be in the family room where we all stay. So the TV and the fireplace now fight for attention. Then, what do you do with a giant hole. Our largest picture didn't cover it.

Here's where the teamwork comes in... (what's with me and the dots?) Before we left Virginia, we replaced the windows. I should say, Ray ordered, picked up, and replaced all our old windows with new ones all by himself. He's pretty handy to have around. I stood around, took pictures and helped when I could which wasn't often enough. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

Here's the largest window in the process of being replaced.

Here's Ray with his new giant window so happy that I'm taking another picture instead of helping.
Ray tried and tried to get me to save a window for decorative purposes. What? I was in the middle of purging! Why would I possibly want to keep a window? It was an old window for crying out loud! There was also the fact that Ray kept mentioning putting pictures behind each pane. I was imagining a tacky collage of family photos in an old window perched oddly because the thing is freakishly huge.

One night when we moved in and perched our largest picture on the mantel and it didn't come close to covering the giant hole, Ray thought of the window. That darn window that you would be able to see the hole through. My mom, the decorator was also here. She thought of blacking out the back. We all started thinking out loud. The window was put up on the mantel. I started to try and figure out how I could take a picture of all three girls outside, that would look like they were playing happily together. I had a vision of the window actually looking like you were seeing outside. Ray didn't think that would happen anytime soon. It was freezing here at the time. Mom remembered the picture of the girls that I took at my brother's wedding. No faces. You don't have to worry about a pane crossing over someone's eye. It was close enough to be appropriate.

My wonderful, marvelous husband, the man that I love dearly started to research how much a picture printed on canvas would cost. Have you ever looked into that? Boy howdy! I didn't think that would happen anytime soon. Did I mention I have a fabulous husband? The man can do anything. He found a place that would print a canvas that large. It cost way less than a picture would have cost from the Kirklands outlet. He figured out the exact size, cropped it, sent the file in a special way. It came last night...

So there is before and after. I'm not finished. I really want something on the right side. I love how the unfinished window looks in the living room. I'm not loving it in the picture though. The good new is, if I ever talk him into another addition, I can replace the canvas. I already know what I'll do... four kids and possibly Tucker looking out at the ocean. That would be just about perfect. Of course, there's no ocean in Memphis.


Lisa said...

That is absolutely PERFECT!!! Great job!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

so amazing, amazing, amazing!!

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