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Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Words Meme: A Psychological Test

Yes, I already know I'm crazy. I'm especially crazy today. We learned a friend from Virginia passed away after a very long battle with cancer. I got a lovely note from the teacher about Hanan's bad day. Hanan says she didn't have a bad day. I swear every other day the past three weeks, I've had to pay for something else at this school. I'm not talking lunch money or pencils. I'm talking agendas, yearbooks, field trips, party supplies, fundraiser supplies, etc. While it's not going to break the piggy bank, it's irritating to the budget and something I'm not used to.

Anyway, as my mom says, "Everybody's crazy but me and thee and sometimes I worry about thee." I just thought I'd prove it. Plus, my friend Lisa, at One-Hip-Mom who really is much hipper that I am, started the test. Then Heidi had to go and do it. I'm all about jumping on the band wagon!

So here goes... Lisa was kind enough to send me 5 words. I'm supposed to list the first thing that jumps in my mind.

  1. Shout - To The Lord. I love that song. If I hear the word shout that song pops in my head and stays there all day. Maybe the Holy Spirit is directing me to praise. I don't mind. It's a good song.
  2. Rose - Jaqueminot. Never heard that word? It's a particular type of rose. It's very, very red and very, very fragrant grows with no thorns. It was the rose that represented my sorority in college. That's right. I was a sorority girl. Surprised? We had to memorize so much stuff that name is stored in my brain and will never ever leave.
  3. Coconut - Put the lime in the coconut... She was such a silly woman, just like me. (look up the lyrics or watch Practical Magic)
  4. Yellow - Lello. I know it's not a word silly. That's how Bria says it and that's how I hear it now and that's the first thing that pops in my mind!
  5. Nest - Losing It.... Lisa, you had no idea how this word makes for great blog fodder. When I was close to "the age" to have "the talk" my mom sat me down and told me this story. "Women have a little nest in their bodies. In their nest, they have an egg. If you're egg isn't fertilized, your body decides that your nest isn't good. It flushes it out and starts all over. Don't worry honey, you're just losing your nest." Apparently she had the same sort of talk with my baby brother. To this day when my mom gets really, really pissed at him he says, "Mama, are you losing your nest?" in a creepy sweet little boy voice. He always gets out of trouble. Then I am made enough to think it's time to lose my nest!
That's it. That's my 5. If you want your own 5 let me know in the comments.

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