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Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Things

I was so busy the last couple of weeks. I don't even know where to start... tons of stories to tell but which ones?

Let me back up to Oct. 30th...

I know I mentioned it before. I am super proud of my girls. We have the signs standing tall in our yard to prove it. Arleigh and Hanan were both awarded the Super Citizen award for Diligence. We are so proud of them both. It was fabulous that they both received the award before we move on to a new school.

Bria thought she should get in on the action. If her tantrums are any indication, I'm sure she will be considered for a diligence award of her own very soon. What do we get for being super diligent, you ask... Lunch at the local Burger King, couple of rounds of Jungle Golf, and a big old sign in our yard for the next month stating that Super Citizens live here. We have matching signs side by side right behind the big old For Rent sign.

Speaking of all things for rent... we have had some doozies come through here trying to decide if our home is the home for their family. We've heard sad stories of families being rebuilt. We heard stories of wanting to be in our school district or stay in our school district. Our house has yet to rent. In fact, I've been cleaning this morning for yet another family to traipse through this afternoon. Of all these stories, one stands out. One I have to share. Yes, by all accounts it's sad. In fact, I've prayed for this family but at the same time, it makes me want to scream "What !?!" I'm fairly certain that they don't have any idea who I am I have no idea what their names are. Yes, I'm about to reveal all here.

Our realtor called and said he already gave them our lowball for rent. It's all they could afford. Hmmmm not with the super awesome feeling already. In the first 5 minutes of meeting this family we knew several things.
  1. He lost his job when Continental shut down here.
  2. He had gall bladder surgery that didn't go well. If I understood correctly, he might have been patting a bag of urine under his coat. Still not sure on that one. Even though he was called back to work, said surgery had prevented him from going back to work.
  3. His wife no longer has overtime. He told her not to take it because the less she makes the better for any aid that might be coming their way.
  4. He lost his truck.
  5. They rented in a very nice subdivision close to ours.
  6. They bought a home close to that subdivision.
  7. They are losing that home. Although it wasn't clear if it is a short sale or a foreclosure.
  8. He lost his truck.
  9. I think he could have paid for his truck if the brand new BMW SUV wasn't parked out front.
  10. His son looked exactly like a nine year old Hiro Nakamara from Heroes. I had to stifle the urge to yell "Yeh TA!" behind the poor kid everywhere he walked.
Then there were the other things we learned in the other 35 minutes it took us to get him out of my home. Things like his mom was returned to the country of her birth. According to his children it was "Because she beat us!" There was something about how he could make payments because he had made all his payments on time when he was working. (I didn't feel the need to point out that he's still not working.) It went on and on. He finally left. We ordered pizza, said a prayer of thanks for the navy and watched Survivor. In all seriousness, the boys made me sad. The economy and people losing their jobs and houses makes me sad. People thinking I will let them live in my house and hope that they make payments makes me very sad. I would love to help. They only thing I know to do is direct him to the local hardware store. I hear they might be hiring.

On to funner things. Is that a word? Also on the 30th, I hosted Hanan's class Halloween party. It meant tons of spooky bat cupcakes and a spooky finger pen crafts. The fact is, Halloween is over. It was fun. It's done and now I need to lay Bria down and mop my floor. Something tells me people won't want to rent a house if they walk through the kitchen and their feet stick to the floor. Enjoy the pictures.


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