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Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday and I can't resist a Not Me! To read all the other Not Me! posts about what everyone else didn't do this week, just head on over to MckMama's site. You'll be glad you did.

This week, I didn't get extremely excited thinking we were about to rent the house to another great military family only to have them disappear off the face of the earth when our realtor mentioned a credit check. I'm not at all disappointed just because I need to keep the house clean for all those just in caw drop ins. We did not have exactly one hour to make sure everything was clean for this family to come by. I'm not lucky Ray had just stepped off the plane and was here to help me. I'm not dreading every other house showing because I now know how easy it is to get my hopes up for no real reason.

I'm not already weary from the military move preparations. I didn't have a little mini breakdown this weekend because there is so much to do...spend time with friends, finish up all the last minute house projects, CLEAN, CLEAN again and again, and all the other everyday things. I was not feeling like our kids are getting lost in the shuffle.

We didn't load everyone up Saturday morning to have breakfast at the little dive across the street to try to spend some time with the girls. Bria didn't see me put ketchup on my home fries. She didn't insist on having ketchup on her plate. She didn't drag her pancake through syrup into the ketchup and eat it. She most definitely didn't decide she loved it. She didn't eat the rest of her pancake that way. EEEWWWWW!!!

I wasn't thrilled to hear Hanan was selected as a Super Citizen. You won't be hearing more on that later.

Our girls didn't spend almost the entire weekend with great friends that are even closer to a big move than we are. I didn't drag my big camera to the pumpkin patch with them last night only to have to take pictures with my phone because the batteries went dead. We didn't keep our kids out too late and have a late dinner at IHOP. Bria didn't eat a combination of chocolate pancake, eggs, sausage, french fries and chocolate milk. We haven't decided that we need to salad with grilled chicken for a week to make up for everything we ate last night.

The big girls didn't spend the night with their friends this weekend. Ray and I didn't take full advantage of it by finishing the garage redo. Ray didn't spend the last two weeks, moving everything around, scrubbing the floors, washing them with an acidic solution, sanding them down to the concrete, the painting them, twice. It didn't create a huge mess. We didn't spend our quiet night alone vacuuming and cleaning the garage. It's not now the cleanest room in the house. There are not clean piles, make that mountains of laundry in my living room because I couldn't do laundry while Ray worked on certain parts of the garage floor. There aren't piles of dirty laundry upstairs waiting for me to throw them in the washer.

It has not taken me exactly four hours of going back and forth to finish this blog post. I haven't purchased Halloween costumes, things for Halloween parties and groceries while this sits on my desktop. I haven't thought of a hundred other things I didn't do this week like watch Bria freak out after she stuck her hand in her diaper and it came out all nasty. This is not now the longest Not Me! post in the history of Not Me posts. I will not be shutting up now.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sheesh. Busy much? I am thinking of you in these crazy, crazy times! Stay sane!

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