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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Morning

Let me tell you a little about my morning this morning...
  • This is the morning of picture day at school.
  • This is the morning outfits should be pressed, hair should be combed and fixed and tights shouldn't have holes.
  • This is the morning the girls need to turn in their art projects for Virginia's Reflections contest.
  • This is the morning that Ray caught an early flight home.
  • So this is the morning that every last bit of laundry needs to be done so he can
  • finish the garage floor.
  • This is the morning I need to be at church super early to let ladies in for their Bible study.
  • This is the morning after the night that everyone goes to bed an hour later
  • because of Wednesday night church services.
  • This is the morning that Bria decided to get up at 3:45 a.m.
  • This is the morning that she is running destructively through the house.
  • This is the morning the house should be clean just in case someone wants a tour.
  • This is the morning that it's not.
  • This is the morning where I blog about Bria being up at 3:45 screaming her head off for two hours and then starting this.
  • In all this, this is the morning I can't help but think I wish I had more of her.
  • This could also be the morning that I was hoping to be sharing parenting duties before 3 o'clock this afternoon.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

this is NOT the night I am (sorta) laughing at your morning!!

heidi said...

Icky poo.

But at least she's cute. Could you imagine if all that happened and she was an ugly kid? What a pity THAT would have been.


The Stiffs said...

I could hear me & Hanan fighting

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