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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lil Miss Thang

This blog is in serious need of some smiles... So let me introduce you to Miss Thang! She's two and apparently she's not happy about it. Her new favorite phrase after a weekend of celebrations is, "Mama! Need Cake!!!"

Just like my other two beauties... she turns two and becomes a total Daddy's girl. I've officially lost the war. Every morning she wakes up and says "Need Daddy!" I say "Daddy's at work." She pouts until she gets a big cup of milk.

As promised... pictures of the totally grossly pink cupcakes for her birthday. She loves blowing out candles.
Oh No! If I blew it out... what will I blow out next?No worries! I know there's a handful of pink frosting on my fingers but I'll take care of the runny nose.

Bria is a good kid with a very strong will. Her father says she's like her mother. I think it's the perfect combination. She is my daredevil, tom boy and pretty princess rolled up into a neat little package and I wouldn't have it any other way.
OOOOOOOHHHH!!!! That's good!


Lisa said...

LOVE the pink cupcakes!!

Screamin' Mama said...

Too cute!! Looks like she really enjoyed her cupcake!

Thena said...

Oh my goodness. Love the pink icing around her mouth. Too cute.

Shanan said...

She is too cute! I am going to FB you a message tomorrow. (I'm about to go to bed and too tired tonight.) I am dying to tell you what happened last week. I might need your help in the near future....only time will tell!!! :)

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