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Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping It Real

I'm totally cheating and stealing this idea. A few weeks ago, a blog I read asked if everyone could participate in a Keeping It Real type of carnival. Could you be brave enough to show your home at it's totally lived in worse possible scenario self? At the time... nope. It wasn't even that bad at the time.

This week knocked me down for various reasons. Oct. is and will forever be a difficult month for me. That is a post for another day. A few days ago, I woke up and grabbed my camera before I could do anything else. I wanted you to see how I start my day. I'm leaving the pictures huge so you can see how well I keep house in all it's glory...

The first thing I wake up to is laundry I was too lazy to put away the night before, toys, blankets, well see for yourself...
Then there's Ray popcorn bowl from the night before and the empty pitcher of tea. The pot from making the popcorn left in the sink. (Yes, I don't let my kids eat microwave popcorn anymore and I sometimes regret it.) There is a thermos, dirty cup and who knows what the other pan had in it.Mmmmm left over cookies and gross stale cake. The girls, much like their mother have a hard time remembering to close a cabinet door. Parmsean and toaster. Do I even want to know what the girls are fixing themselves for breakfast? Oooooh Cheese Its. I know what I'm having as I pack lunches.
Left out the empty container of milk for me to place in the recycle bin. I think that might by Ray's caulk. Oh, my Friday Freebie. It is yummy. Thanks again Heidi. A block of ice and papers to sign. Oh, let's ask Hanan what wonderful healthy thing she decided to make for breakfast.
Her latest creation...a toast sandwich. I'm afraid to ask what's between the crustless ripped up pieces of toast. There's Ray's coffee cup from the day before and the butter lid?Once I have straighten things up and we're off to school but it's not going much better. Bria is wearing a very cute outfit but insisting on having her gown on over her clothes. I don't care anymore. Someone told me that day she was happy to see that my kids aren't always put together. Maybe I should forward her this post.

Home from school and this is the general homework look I get. Awesome doesn't quite describe our attitudes about homework this year. Really it doesn't quite describe the attitudes about pictures while your having attitudes about homework. Wait, I forgot to mention the state of my floors. We are trying to finish up all the detail work on the house. By we, I mean Ray. He's hanging molding every night. That means I wake up to this. Sawdust, plaster and chipping paint. If feels kind of like walking on kitty litter. If you click on it, you'll see the cat hair since that's where fatty insists on laying all day.Then, lets not forget rushing to school early so I can proctor AR tests. Check out their hair. This was after I ran a brush through it. (Now is where I tell you I would appreciate any and all little girl hair care tips.)Just a little look in our real world. MTV has got nothing on this! Now, show me what your real world looks like, pretty please. I don't want to feel bad about myself forever.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You look good! You DON"T want to see mine!! For my boys I use a Johnson & Johnson detangler spray and put a few sprays on their hair in the morning- works magic for us!

Shanan said...

I am with the first poster....you don't want to see mine on a Saturday morning after the week has taken over! You crack me up. You are so funny. I also use a detangler (it is in a lime green bottle/ suave maybe?) and the girls love it. It works wonders. Don't be so hard on yourself. Bella likes to put bathing suit cover ups over her clothes these days and even wants to sleep in them. I haven't figured it out yet. Have a good week!

Leah said...

Brave mom to show these pictures, good for you! You should see my house!

Thena said...

That's more my house on Mondays after not doing anything all weekend. Reminding me I need to clean instead of being on the computer.
I looked for a way to email you, but didn't find it. I left you something over on my blog. So stop by when you get the chance and grab it.

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