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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Montage

First thanks for the great Halloween ideas. I believe I'll be finalizing my decision this afternoon for all of us. If I listen to Bria, she should probably be "Abby Dabby!!!" We'll see. In honor of my dilema and in between the frequent cleaning for people to schedule to see our house and then not show up... (that might be a whole other post) I thought I would post some pictures from Halloweens past.

My favorite. This was too cute. Hanan was about 3 months old. Ray was in the states. It was freezing and there was black ice everywhere. Did I mention we lived in Iceland at the time? I literally slid over to some friends and slid back then we handed out candy. I might look for this for Bria. I sold them on Ebay.

I need to back up. The Halloween with only one child... and I was an AOPi. Shanan will appreciate this. Her nursery was full of pandas. She was a giant panda. I wish now I had taken a picture of her surrounded by the thousands of pandas in her room. In Maryland, we were lady bugs. The costumes were nice and warm. The girls burned up. We went to a nursing home for playgroup. Then a friend from Iceland was in town so it was off to dinner. They didn't even get to trick or treat.At some point, Arleigh became obsessed with Ariel. I found Sleeping Beauty on clearance. Grandma supplied the crowns, shoes and wigs. It became another favorite just because of the wigs. Hmmmm.... something else to consider. Wigs on a two-year old are funny.The next year they were fairies. I got smart and the day after Halloween I bought costumes on clearance. They were $5 each. That was still at a time when I could convince them to be whatever I wanted.Speaking of convincing.... this took some work. Thing One and Thing Two and the Cat In The Hat. That year, I was so stressed by attempting this and making things and gluing at the last second I went out as Stressed Out Mom. The next year Bria was 2 weeks old. I was not attempting anything. We were cats. It worked. Thank goodness for Kim and her face paint. And you already know about this... Not too bad but it's also not my favorite year. Wigs and jesters are making me rethink. Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.


The Stiffs said...

Mom u are so creative
Love u,

Lisa said...

SUPER CUTENESS!!! My favorite is the panda and the Cat in the Hat!

Shanan said...

The princess wig pictures (and faces) are priceless! I also LOVED the Cat and the Hat! Ray should get a trophy...not all guys get in the spirit like that!!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

YOu so so need to make my kids costumes! you are amazing!

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