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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pass The Pees

Lisa at One-Hip Mom has started a great little item. Get it off your chest. Let the world know what really ticks you off. Then link up so I can exactly what I'm doing that irritates you sooooo much.

When I was in Kindergarten I learned how to stand in line and take my turn. I learned how it felt when someone else cut. Following the Golden Rule... you just don't cut. I don't care if your best friend is one kid away from a giant cupcake...DON'T Cut.

Apparently some adults have forgotten the Don't Cut rule. They turn left in front of me and cut in line to pick up their kids at the school drop off. They cut over the two solid lines to exit in front of my on the interstate. There are few things that make me angrier than to know my drive time is increased by 20 minutes because I got in line and then someone else cuts me off and nearly causes an accident because their time is apparently more precious than mine. They even cut in line when you are waiting to take a picture of your kids.

See this picture...

Know why the girls are standing with their heads in a stock and their hands locked up? I was patiently waiting for some Dad to take pictures of his adult children. As they got out of the stocks, families started walking up. Just in front of us. Now, my sweet dear husband says that it I stood too far back. My intentions weren't apparent. I was standing by the stockade, camera in hand with two little girls jumping up and down. How much more apparent can you get?

I'm almost at a breaking point. The next person who cuts me off is probably in for it. I tell Ray all the time, my van is old. If I'm ever caught without kids in the car pity the fool that cuts me off. Yes, I just channeled Mr. T. At least he taught kids in his little cartoon to stand in line patiently.

That's what pees me off. What's pees are in your cheerios?


heidi said...

Neighbors that arbitrarily decide to not send their children to school because they "woke up late". Idiots.

Lisa said...

I feel ya ... I SO feel ya!

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