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Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me Monday! A blog carnival started by MckMama. It's all about confession and letting the world know exactly what you didn't do this week. Please check out MckMama's confessions and read bunches of other. I promise it will make your Monday feel better.

Here we go. I'm not at all weary from the buy this rent that rent this sell that merry-go-round we've been riding. I'm not struggling at all to figure out what we should do and what would be best for our family. I'm not happy to say that I just received an email that was seriously an answer to a prayer. I think we have found the perfect house for our family that will come with a 2-year lease, perfect for our tour at Millington. God is so good. In a separate email, we saw information about our home (from Zillow) that we think is encouraging us to keep our home here. I don't feel like finally we have our answer. I'm not at peace. I'm not excited enough just to know what our immediate future might look like that I want to do cartwheels in my living room.

I did not see pictures of myself a few weeks ago that make me want to weep. I'm not now on a strict diet.

My weekend schedule didn't look like this... dig out and purge every room for our church yard sale, mow grass that wasn't nearing 20 inches tall from all the rain we didn't get, play dates on Sat., book party, 2 birthday parties, hosting LIFE Group and making the main dish, frantically cleaning my house after all these activities. I didn't miss the book party because I was feeling overwhelmed. My daughter didn't look like this at one point of the weekend.

I didn't put her to bed with a sucker covered face after a late afternoon nap after a birthday party. She wasn't at all upset about being woken up from the wonderful late afternoon nap. You should not look for pictures from the birthday/weekend action that I will not be posting later.

Cleaning up for LIFE Group I didn't find one last huge drop of black paint on my tile floor from this little project. It didn't take my shark forever to steam it up. I'm not happy it missed the grout. I'm not thankful that I have no other big projects laying around the house for the girls to work on. These pictures are not taken with little hands on my phone.Finally, I'm not waiting for big news from Africa. I'm not obsessivly checking email. I can't wait to post about it.

What did you not do this week? Don't leave me a comment and let me know you did.

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