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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Rock Star

Last night I went to the Open House for Hanan's classroom. I have to go to Arleigh's on Thursday. There was a little power point presentation with pictures of the kids. It listed their names, what they like to do and a wish they have. Hanan's read: "Hi, my name is Hanan. I love to shop! I wish I was a rock star." That's my girl! The funny thing was her friend's slide. It said, "Hi, I'm Amy. I love to go to Hanan's house. I really wish I could go to Hanan's house and stay every day."

Amy's poor mom was horrified. She made an announcement that she does feed her children and they do have toys in their home. Amy is the quietest child in the room. She never says anything except at parent pick up every day. Every day she whispers to me, "Mrs. Stiff, can I please come today for a playdate?" Oh, that kid is KILLING me. She is like the puppy at the pound with the super sad eyes and I do wish I could bring her home every day. I am flattered and seriously love it when the girls' friends want to hang out here instead of somewhere else.

I have to say, last night was fabulous. I got to hear how great Arleigh and Hanan are. Hanan's teacher had Arleigh last year. She was telling me that she could always count on the behavior of my girls. She asked if we would please consider staying here, not moving and populate Virginia Beach with more children. Yes, I'm bragging. It was so nice to hear and I'll tell you why.

Ever had one of those weeks where you just need to have someone praise your kids? I'm not used to that. I have girls who are sweet and compliant for other people. (They just aren't always that way for me.) I've had a rough couple of weeks with them for various reasons at home. An IRL friend said something to me a few days ago about one of my kids that I totally disagreed with. I couldn't let it go. In fact, I'm still a little pissy about it.

So.... I needed to hear that I have good kids. I needed to hear that their behavior is more than just acceptable. Last night I did. I have to say, my mood shifted. All is right with the world again and I still say that friend is crazy. I think she had to point something out about at least one of my kids because it was a deflection about her own. (It was about Bria.) Anyway, the compliments recharged me and I'm ready to go back on Thurs.

For my little Rock Star, we are so proud of you Hanan, for trying your best at school, listening to your teacher and following her directions. Keep up the good work. It's going to be a great year.

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Lisa said...

That is awesome! YEAH Hanan!!

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