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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah

We went to a fabulous birthday party on Sunday. I was in a craptastic mood. I say that in the nicest sort of I love this kid but I have several thousands things I need to get done and I would rather be anywhere but here chasing three girls (make that just Bria) around several large animals and lots and lots of wide open spaces for her to hurt herself kind of way.

Now, had I not had 1001 things running through my mind, if Ray weren't calling every now and again to discuss potential homes we will be moving into in a little over 3 months in the middle of birthday party chaos, if I had gotten and ounce of sleep the night before, if I weren't imagining my filthy house and all the people coming for dinner right after the party I might have been in a better mood. I was distracted and possibly a bit rude looking at my watch every 2 seconds.

The fact is, this was the party of all parties. There were pony rides and hayrides, chickens and playgrounds. There were 2 cakes and tractors, horses and trailers. There was absolutely everything a kid could ask for on a Sunday afternoon even incredible weather. I'm very sorry I was too wrapped up in my own hot mess to enjoy the fun. This time, I can't even blame it on the hormones.

So... I was too busy chasing Bria. I really wish I had my good camera I could have has some fun. I'm really feeling horrible even if people didn't notice just how pissy I was. That's not how I want people to be at my kids' parties.

I hope I'm not entering the, let's get moody about everything and distance myself from everyone because we are about to move phase. I'm trying really hard to avoid that. Those phases are ugly. While as a military wife, I understand better than most why we do that to our close friends, I want to be aware of my actions this time. So.... better attitude it is.

Here are the 2 pictures I took with my phone while I was trying to keep Bria away from the Nay Nay's feet. Enjoy.

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