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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back To School And Other Happenings

Let me start with how blessed I am so you don't think I'm complaining. My girls go to a school that is nothing short of awesome. I love the principal. I love the teachers. This year is set up to be our very best year. (Of course, we only have half of it at KES.) Hanan has hands down the very best teacher in the school. I'm not biased because Arleigh had her last year. She is everything I love about teachers. She appreciates parents. She is strict and fair. She encourages and nudges the students to excellence. The thing I've come to appreciate most is that she communicates my child's needs with me. Arleigh has, I've been told, another of the great teachers at this wonderful school. My kids came home pumped for the new year. They were nervous and excited to go and came home all smiles and ready to tackle anything. It really was a great start to the year for them...

On to me... Did I mention that it was pouring this morning? I couldn't get anyone to stand still for the gratuitous back to school pictures. Probably didn't help that we were starting to rush to beat the crowd. First day school traffic is horrible. I drop them off. Bria and I wave goodbye and it's off to work. Not so bad, right?

Here's one of everyone loaded into the van. Bria with waffle in hand. Ray, see what you're missing! (He's away for work and a bit of house hunting so I won't complain about him being away.)

I missed my window for Bria's nap. Bria is a pistol in a good mood. In a bad mood, she can be a bit of tempest wrapped in a steamroller. She is a bit difficult at best. So, she's not happy. We get to school in the pouring down rain for parent pickup. Something has happened. I'm not sure it's just the first day getting the kids to the bus or the rain of both. Usually nothing messes with parent pickup even if the buses are delayed. Arleigh came out of her class 35 minutes after I got to the cafeteria to pick her up. Did I mention that Bria didn't have a nap? She was at that point punch drunk. She tried to crawl on the stage, on every chair, there may have even been an attempt onto a table. She was sweet when she saw her sisters. Hanan was first. She left me in a dead sprint yelling, "Nanan!" and would not let go of her long lost sister. Then Arleigh got the same treatment.

I settled in at home to hear the stories. They were excited. I heard, "Mom, Mrs. Hedley rocks!" That was nice. I heard who was in their class and who wasn't for the 100th time since the open house. I heard all the new rules. I also heard all the ways I screwed up. Their new shoes are not appropriate for P.E. (They are twinkle toes and don't have laces.) Old shoes no longer fit. Great. I apparently bought 6 folders for one child none of which can be used. They need to be plastic, with pockets and prongs. I managed to screw all six up. Awesome. The nice thing was Arleigh was more laid back than she used to be. It would be great if she had new ones but she wasn't sweating it so much. Still, I woke up the miniature grizzly bear off we went...

Target, Wal-Mart (I found 3 there and waited in line 30 minutes to pay for them.) stop at Chick-Fil-A because at this point everyone is starving and I'm not cooking, then Rite Aid. Here's a tip. If you ever need back-to-school supplies at the last minute, Rite Aid had a plethora of folders. The sorry thing is, Rite Aid is one block from my house. I was driving around town for almost 3 hours.

Wait, I'm forgetting the best part of the story. Since starting the window installation, we've battled ants. I thought I won the battle until Ray left. It started to rain and they attacked the front door. I now understand why ants want in our house. Earlier this week, I was trying to make dinner and Bria was tired of waiting. She can get into the pantry. I was coming to tell her no for the 100th time that day when I found this.

When the girls came home from school today. I opened their lunchboxes to see what was eaten. Hanan asked for tomato soup this morning. When the child asks for anything that includes a vegetable, processed or not I usually comply. (I know a tomato is a fruit but still.) I open her lunch box and it looks like Jason Voorhies went all Friday the 13th on a leftover bag of goldfish. Hanan didn't put the lid back on the thermos with the tomato soup. It was a brand new lunch box. As I'm using enough paper towels to make any environmentalist want to commit no fewer than three felonies, I hear it. Hanan got the new box of cereal. The one that was just purchased after Bria made this mess and decided to make a little snack. She was probably starving after not eating her lunch. She grabbed both sides of that bag, pulled with all her might and for the second time this week sugary cereal is all over my floor.

I swear sometimes I think it's easier when they are just with me all day. I can't be mad though. Look at this face. She yanked a tooth out this week. I told her not only does she have the Grand Canyon conviently located in her mouth for viewing, she can tell her friends she has Summer Teeth... some 're here some 're there. (I'm from KY, I'm allowed.)

I hope your first day back to school was as wonderful but not as eventful as mine!

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