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Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Open House

Last night was Arleigh's Open House. It was just as great as Hanan's open house. Arleigh is every teacher's dream. She loves school. She's compliant. She catches on to most new concepts quickly. I was really just there to hear about homework policies, volunteering and daily schedule stuff. Of course she also had many compliments. She had a project on the wall outside the classroom that literally almost made me cry. I'm saving that for it's own post. I'm hoping it comes home soon so I can scan it in.

I did make a couple of interesting observations. When the girls were in kindergarten, those rooms were packed to the brim. First grade was pretty full too. When I was in Hanan's class, it wasn't packed, but at least half of the class was represented. There were only a handful of parents in Arleigh's class last night. Of 21 kids in that classroom, only about 6 or 7 were represented. It was hard to tell because there were several moms and dads present. It might have meant only 5 kids' parents were there. I know we are all busy, but it made me a little sad. Are parents really that disinterested in what their kids are doing from 8-3 every day?

The other observation I had was that I wondered how much the kids are like their parents. If they are just like their parents, that's why I couldn't teach. One mom on the other side of the room could not stay in her seat. She got up to get a tissue, than a pencil, than she wandered back to the sign up sheets. If the little girl that sits next to Arleigh is anything like her mother, I don't know how she gets any work done. I seriously almost said it my best motherly voice, "Please be quiet and pay attention." This lady would not stop talking to me while Mrs. Hedley was explaining her policies. It wasn't even a whisper. I don't know how Mrs. Hedley talked over her. When I was little I was always asked if I was going to be a teacher like my mother. No. I'm not. Ever. I don't have enough patience clearly. Bless all teachers!

No, I don't think anyone from the school reads this. If they do, we're leaving in 3 months. I can handle telling a couple of parents to man up and act the way they expect their kids to act. Wait, maybe that's the problem. Are all of our expectation too low?

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Carol said...

I am a firm believer of going to open house and have been surprised at times at the attendance in some of the classes. I went to my "last" open house last week for my "little girl" who is a SENIOR in high school. For those of you with older kids, you may notice a difference in the attendance of parents of honors classes and regular classes. Where it is great that the honor kids' parents attend, it seems like those kids in the regular classes probably need the support just as much if not more. I am lucky that my kids were in a lot of honors classes (not that they didn't struggle, mind you). It helped to have the support mechanisms both at school, with classmates and at home. Good luck out there, after 17 years (2 kids) of public school, I will be starting a new phase next year.

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