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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Africa News

I've been patiently waiting for weeks to say four little words that I've never said before... "Ray, it's a boy!" To my surprise, those are not the four little words I got to say. I did get to say 4 words for the fifth time... "Ray, it's another girl!"

Now that I've let that sink in, we are not adopting a little girl. We did however agree to sponsor a child from a new care point in Swaziland. I heard about the care point from Brandi at Living Freely. Bless her heart, she has put up with silly questions and horrible typos as I sent messages off in the middle of everything else we had going on this weekend. I think I'll be sending another apology letter. I was so darn excited, I didn't read all the FAQs in the email she sent.

I am pretty excited about little Phetty. We can't say Phetsile's name to save our lives so we've decided to call her Phetty. She is a doll baby. She has the sweetest little face. As soon as Hanan saw her she said, "Can we adopt her please?" Oh how I wish we could. She would fit right in with my girls. She loves sports, singing and dancing. She is going to start preschool soon. I can't wait to show you her picture.

Phetty is a part of our family now. The girls just prayed for her before they went to bed. They are already planning letters. We aren't supposed to send gifts but it was sweet to hear the girls plan what they wanted her to have for Christmas. First on Hanan's list was new panties because Phetty's were visible in the picture. Arleigh is all about the letters. God truly picked just the right little girl for my girls to bond with. He is good.

We are sponsoring Phetty through Children's Hope Chest. Please check them out and go to Brandi's blog too. There are so many small things you can do to help feed these children. You don't have to do alot, a little goes a long, long way in places like Swaziland.

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Lisa said...

How awesome is that? CONGRATS!!

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