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Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday and I can't resist. I have to tell you what we didn't do this week. It all started with MckMama. Check it out to read what everyone else is Not Doing.

This week my mantra has not become "It's my mid life. I'll crisis if I want to..."

I haven't been thinking about how different things were just one year ago and how different things will be in one year. I'm not excited and scared to death of what the future holds for us.

Ray and I aren't trying to plan a surprise trip for the girls. It's not hard at all to keep things from my daughters. They aren't nosey at all. They would never ease drop on every phone call or look over my shoulder when I'm on the computer.

The best thing that didn't happen this week. Hanan absolutely did not come ask me if she could work on a mask project in her bedroom. I was not imagining cutting and gluing and mardi gras style masks.

I did not find this in their room...
Honey was not involved.

Arleigh was not applying a smashed banana mixed with honey mask to her sister on her bed, quilt, sheets and all.
I did not stand by watching and clicking away with my camera just so I would have a Not Me Monday post. Who would let their kids do this to each other?
They haven't developed an interest in an American Girl book with 50 recipes about how to do weird things like this for spa treatments. I absolutely do not see loads of laundry in my very near future!

What did you not do this week?


The Thompsons said...

LOLOLOL Oh that just about cracked me up!

Lisa said...

Oh no! I would have croaked. Makes me glad that I only have 1 girl!

Ace said...

I'm so stealing your mantra.

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