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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long Time Coming

Think way, way back... before our whirlwind trip home, way back before I spent a week at church camp, I promised a couple of posts. I'm combining them...

A long Friday ago, I won this...


It was hosted by One Hip Mom... I love her. She's funny. She has more kids than me and her son was named after my dog. Just kidding. I really don't know which Tucker came first. Hers might be slightly cuter unless you consider this picture.

Anyway... my prize for the Friday Freebie was a super duper cute pillowcase dress shipped right to my home for absolutely nothing. I never win anything so I was pretty excited and couldn't wait to put that dress on Bria. You may remember that post.

Bria has worn that dress at least 53 times since it arrived in my mailbox. I'm not sure what it says about my daughter but she had at least 52 blowouts before I got the picture I wanted. So I'll be honest it was at least 41 the other problems might have included ketchup and or mustard fiascoes...there might have been chocolate ice cream involved too. That only tells you that this dress washes well. It looks just like it did when it came out of my mailbox.

Don't you love it? Guess what! You can have your very own Pillowcase Dress for $10. I love the candy corn one and I'm only trying to figure out if I could get them for my big girls too. Unfortunately my big girls are a little bigger than a pillowcase. Feel free to comment on how cute the model is. She doesn't know she's cute or anything like that.

I also got a blog award a very long time ago from One Hip Mom. I thought I would do it from my phone on vacation but alas, that wasn't to be. So...while I'm paying catch up... Thanks Lisa for the love. I do appreciate it since most days it seems like maybe 3 people including my mother read this.

So...In accepting this award, I must list 7 of my personality traits ...

  1. Messy - Yes, I said it and I admit it. Just ask any one of my college roomies or Ray. I have a tendency to let things slide until I am overwhelmed then I clean it up and let it slide some more.
  2. Worrier - I try not to be. I do try to place my trust in God and I do get some amount of peace from that. I have to say this trait was passed on for many generations. I can, on a moment's notice, think of several things to worry about now...from my kids going back to school to children in Uganda to where the military will decide to send Ray on a whim. I need to stop now.
  3. Compassionate - I must say it's hard to feel humble when you are writing your character traits. I see people in need and my first reaction is what can I do? Sometimes it's a problem. It's easy for me to jump in over my head or be burned. That's okay. When it comes out great, there's nothing better.
  4. Stubborn - I put my head down and push until I get my way. Again, I'll refer you to Ray. I think he'll back me up on that.
  5. Southern - My southern streak is a mile wide. One huge reason I can't wait to get to Memphis is because people there have manners and know how to use them. The sweet tea and ribs won't hurt anything either. Recently we met another family traveling across the country. She was former military. She asked if I minded moving so much. My answer was, "No, but I have a rule about doing our best to either live south of the Mason Dixon Line or move overseas." She said she always preferred west of the Mason Dixon Line or the Mississippi. While I can't say that I would hate it west of the big muddy river, I did like Colorado Springs when we visited, I was a bit offended. There is nothing better to me than sitting under a willow tree with a glass of tea even in the heat.
  6. Protective - This one I have in common with One-Hip-Mom. I am super protective of my family. It's a line that I don't let anyone cross.
  7. Indecisive - I had a hard time deciding on this last trait. I want to be the last one at the restaurant to place my order in fear that I will have plate envy. Then, it still takes me forever to decide.I guess this means that I'm constantly changing.
So now I must nominate 7 friends to play along.

Shannon (maybe this will get you back on your blog.)
Heidi at Sacred and Profane
Thena at Patiently Waiting
Ace at If You Think Round Is Funny
The Obnoxious Stay at Home Mom

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


The Driskells said...

OK. First, some pictures didn't post right, so I'm a little confused on the second award you got. And apparently I'm suppose to play along? Just list 7 personality traits and that's it? Do I have to tag anyone else?
Second, you have 17 followers!!!! Stop saying that only 3 people read this, you goofy!
: ) Kara

The Driskells said...

Also, forgot to say that I really like your traits! I think if asked I could have picked most of those out for you too. (Although I personally haven't seen the messy side b/c your house is always clean when I come over, but you've mentioned it before.) I think #3 & #4 are the best! Strong but sweet combined together!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Agg!!! It lost my last comment. Poops.
I was saying...1) love the dress, way too cute!
2) Um, you totally have more than 3 people who read this blog. I mean, I am totally cool enough to count for 3 on my own!!

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