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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

We're back... after a very long 16 hour drive home, the air conditioning going out in the van and a litany of cries and whines from the peanut gallery in the back of the van. I am one worn out Mama. I plan to spend the evening going through my pictures. Like this one...

It's hard trying to decide which ones to post. I'm also catching up on all the blogs since I finally have my Mac back and my cell phone actually works with 3G. (I have learned I'm so addicted it scares me. Nothing like a couple of days without cell service to send you into a frenzied state.)

It's hard to believe that the world goes on even if I'm not here to watch it. One of my dear friends finally found the fertility treatment that works and I'm going to be moving before the baby arrives. They planned to visit us in March. It looks like that's not happening now. I just read through Stellan's latest scare. Things just keep happening. So much for the world revolving around me.

Before I get caught up in blurking or playing with my pictures, I thought I would tell you about my birthday. We were in IL with Ray's parents. The girls were so far off any sort of schedule from all the traveling around, I stopped worrying about it. My father-in-law loves Logans Steakhouse. When they suggested we have a late lunch there after visiting with Ray's grandfather, I thought it sounded fabulous. Cue the baby who had a heavy snack and was in full-on "I need a Nap Now!" mode. As I set with a squirmy baby in my laugh picking the cheese out of my salad, I realized this was maybe not the best idea I ever had.

Finally, the meal came. Bria had her own chicken. I thought I would probably take some of it home. She had too much fun playing with the honey mustard and finally started to lose it just as they brought a shot glass worth of cheesecake for my birthday. I go to get her out of the high chair when I see it, a large pile of material that couldn't possibly have come from her lunch. Good thing I didn't take a picture. It was nasty. It was on her legs, back, tummy, neck and all over her dress. I wrapped her in napkins and ran for the bathroom.

I had not one stitch of clothing to change the child into. On top of that, once I got her in the bathroom, I realized all my wipes were in the van. I swaddled her in napkins and led her out the door. At this point, you couldn't really see how bad it was. I made her walk to the car. I wish I had a video of it. She was reaching up, walking bow-legged holding my hand. Every three steps she would say, "Mama, I stink!" I giggled and said, "Yes, baby you do!"

She had a wipes bath in the car. She wore a clean diaper, and her crocs home. The dress was left in a trash can outside the restaurant. She fussed a little on the way home and then completely crashed in her seat.

I have to say, of all the birthday presents I've ever gotten, that is the one that I will never, ever forget.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Arleigh and Hanan ate my cheesecake. It's okay. My wonderful in-laws had strawberry shortcake waiting for me at home. It was delicious.

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Lisa said...

Oh no! Nice birthday gift!


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