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Monday, July 13, 2009

This Is Where I Am

I'm here... At Camp Idlewild. Today is the first full day some of my duties so far have been, Mama Bear, swim coach, choreographer, Bible teacher, actress, nurse, secretary, clerk, waitress, official tick picker, runner (that might be stretching it a bit) nursery attendant, cook, song leader (that one is also debateable) registration assistant and Mama to rotten child refusing to nap in her pack 'n play.

I'm having fun. The campers are awesome. Bria is even cooperating for the most part. I wake up to a view of horses. I won't mention the smell of manure. I went for a quick run past the pond to the main road this morning while Bria slept. I'm staying up late chatting it up with
other fun ladies and playing in the pool.

I've also been asked to blog about the experience...mostly with pictures from my phone. You can check that out at www.campidlewild.net

You won't be hearing from me much this week but expect lots of pictures when I get back!

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