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Monday, July 6, 2009

Blog Gold

I was just presented with the equivalent of blogging gold, a story too good to hold back. Yet, it is not my own. It's funny, timely and not about me. I don't know if I even would have realized it had my husband not drawn the line in the sand. (It's not his story either though it might have a certain effect on him.)

I was asked kindly, (begged) not to write about it. So it will sit in my vault. I will pout. It's just that good.

To protect my marriage... my gold will stay locked away. What's your blog gold? Have you found it yet? Throw me a bone. Comment and leave your story. I won't rat out any anonymous commenters. It will stay locked away in my vault with all the other gold so it can't be blurked. I mean really two people and my mother read this thing. Make my Monday... tell me a story.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have those all the time. Except with my job, I don't dare post some of them. Sometimes I just want an anon. blog where I can yap about how P'off I get at our school janitors, the silly crap and stuff.

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