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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Stop It Right Now!"

Have you met Bria? I have. She has alot to say. Since this is also my journal, I thought I better get some of this down. So, let me introduce you to the 20-month-old spitfire we affectionaltely call BooBoo.

Oh yeah! That's my girl. When she isn't doing this...

Running away from her mother, full speed ahead with a death grip on a blanket.

She is letting us know exactly how she feels and what we, her wonderful loving family should do about it.

We loved it when she learned to say Daddy, Mama, Arleigh (Aaaaeeee) and Hanan (Nanan). One of her very first words was Tucker said nearly perfectly but when she is addressing him, he is always "T!" I have no idea where it came from because her sisters never call him that. We melt when we say "I love you Bria," and she'll look at you and with the sweetest voice in the world, she says, "Too!" It's so awesome to hear a little "Too," after you've given her a big kiss. She has other words too like Mammie (her lamb), baby, bunny, puppy, cookie, kitty and too many other to write. Her all time favorite word in the whole English language is "No!" She's never learned to say yes. She just nods her head and says "Come!" (which is her version of thank you instead of you're welcome) like she's already thanking you for doing her bidding.

She has been putting together senteces lately. I hear alot of "Thank you Mama" which is actully "Come Mama!" Then there's "{Insert Aaaaeee or Nanan} STOP!" Then she started with "Nanan stop bodding me!" Last night we moved on to "Aaaaeeee stop ight now!" (I'll let you decipher, she's pretty readable.)

First words and sentences are just awesome when your sisters are more than 5 years older than you. Just for kicks, here's a gratuitous picture of Bria enjoying the black icing at a 40th birthday party. Attractive isn't it?


Lisa said...

Teehee ... love the black icing!

It's so NEAT when they really start talking and stringing words together. They can come up with some of the sweetest, craziest things.

The Driskells said...

Spitfire? Yes! But too darn cute for words! She might have some of her momma's stubborn side to her, but she'll use it well to be a leader and mother herself someday! You are raising a "great woman" (just like the sign in your house says) and she's going to give you guys a fun ride on this parenthood coaster! Keep writing down these memories and moments b/c you'll treasure them later!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Black icing? Yikes! She is a doll though! I wish i would've written down more memories of my first, doing it on a blog is a great idea.

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