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Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I didn't have a lovely 16 year old staying with us so she could visit all her friends in the area. She is not a super sweet kid who receives many awards for her behavior at her school. Still, at no time did I worry, after being responsible for a 16-year-old girl for an entire week, what my girls would be like. I'm am not at all terrified.

I didn't get a phone call from a female sailor's mother after looking our church up on the internet. She didn't want me to pick up an overnight package for her daughter who was stationed aboard a ship for a few weeks. I didn't whole heartedly agree to pick up and deliver a package for a perfect stranger. It in no way crossed my mind that my girls might be in the same position some day.

Jessica (the female sailor) wasn't at all desperate to get off the ship. She didn't ask for a ride to the movies so she could get off base. I didn't show up with four kids (mine and the 16-year old) in my 7-passenger van to see Jessica and 3 friends. You do the math. This won't be hard to keep up with at all. I wasn't lucky enough to know several people were at our church working on VBS. I didn't run the three oldest to the church, go back to the pier, pick up 3 sailors (we lost one who didn't want to wait it out.) I didn't drive them to MacArthur Center. My GPS didn't take me through the absolute worst part of town, only to go back to the church to pick up the other 3 and take them home. I didn't put Bria in bed at 9 when she didn't have a nap and actually should have gone to be at 7 :30

I was not at all relieved when Jessica and her friends called and said they found a ride home. While relieved I didn't ask them 1000 questions to make sure they weren't leaving the mall with a rapist or murderer.

Whooo...most of this stuff isn't just from the weekend... On Sat. I didn't drive Shelby to meet her Mom so she could get back to her regular life. I didn't get back in time for a storm then go get Jessica so she could sleep in a real bed and go to church.

We didn't go to the SPCA immeditately after church for a birthday party. I didn't leave Arleigh and Hanan there so we could take Jessica out and enjoy lunch. I didn't return to hear that a little girl a little older than Bria was bitten by a blind albino rat. They didn't have to rush her to the ER because it wouldn't stop bleeding. Hanan didn't inform us, "It was all the husband's fault. He was supposed to be watching her!" We didn't then hear from the birthday girl's parents that the mother's breakdown yelling at her husband was worse than the actual trauma from the bite. I didn't tell my kids, "I'm so sorry girls. That must have been scary. Mama should have stayed..." to hear, "Why? We know not to stick our fingers in a rat's cage." That's not my girl!
I think I'll stop there. I'm not making myself tired. What did you not do this week.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Um crazy? I am glad your girls know better than to stick a finger in a rat's cage! I can imagine the yelling that went on!
Hope this week is a bit less busy for you!

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