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Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

MckMama started the Not Me Posting way back when. She had the great idea to 'fess up to something but not really. It's great therapy. Make sure you check out her Not Me's along with all the others. I "does NOT" make me feel much better to know other people have the same sort of kinks in their days.

I was not so super duper proud of Arleigh and all the wonderful things said about her at her Super Citizen ceremony last week. I never tear up or want to cry when my kids those awards. It doesn't seem to get worse every year. It didn't leave me wondering if I would need medication to get through high school graduations and weddings. I am not at all turning into my mother.

I wasn't a little peeved that Hanan was never awarded the Super Citizen award this year. I wasn't spoiled by her teacher last year. I haven't had a post rolling around my head about the ramifications of one child's success over another's. I'm not afraid of the ramifications if Hanan's teacher accidentally read that blog.

I did not try to make my girls pancakes this weekend that turned into gross ogre cakes. I didn't grab green food coloring instead of vanilla. It wasn't shocked to see green liquid spew across the pale yellow batter. My kids didn't love it at all. I might not accidentally on purpose spill a little food coloring more often. I also didn't run and grab a camera because after spilling the food coloring I would have never think, "Oh well, I guess it will be a good not me post!"
The weather is not wonderful. I did not just get back from a thousand tests at the hospital. I don't plan on wasting my day in the sunshine. Not me at all!

What did you not do this week?

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, I'm not gonna sugar coat it... those do look like ogre cakes. But I'd totally eat 'em.
Spoiled by a great teacher? all MY students have the same problem!!

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