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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Summer

Good Gravy! I've been busy. School ended last week in a flurry of activity. It included but was not limited to a midshipman from the Naval Academy crashing at our house for a couple of nights so she could get a home cooked meal and sleep in a real bed; 2 separate Indian Pride ceremonies; 2 separate end of school parties; a week of intense VBS prep; a brief visit from Casey; the end of school; the start of swimming lessons; and my girls being with me full time. That is one awesome run on sentence. How do I do that...

So here are some of the highlights...

Hanan receiving one of her many awards at her Indian Pride ceremony. This happens to be Mr. G. giving her a "Scholarship" for "Kung Fu" class. That's Hanan's way of explaining it anyway...
Here's Arleigh practiacally sprinting across the stage after being handed her "Scholarship." She was so embarassed. The bad picture quality in both these pictures is due in part to the fact that I went with Bria. I was either forced to hold a shaky camera while I balanced her on my lap or take pictures from the back of the cafeteria so she could be strapped in her stroller.
Speaking of Bria, she now wants her nails painted every timethe girls paint their nails. She hold perfectly still to paint them and then blows on them until they dry. The only way I could get a picture is if I let her "blog" like Mama.
This could go on record as one of the worst Father's Days ever but... it's like this every year. Ray gets something the girls made then we force him to go out for lunch. We walk through the Apple Store so I can have him with me to buy his gift in an effort to make sure I don't get the wrong thing. Then we leave with nothing, or worse yet, a case for my new phone, empty handed for him. I'm glad he likes to spoil us because we certainly don't spoil him. He spent the weekend working on Arleigh and Hanan's room. They spent Sat. night at a friend's house so they gave him his card and homemade coffee cup before they left.

When Casey came to visit, the only shot I got of her, was her back as she pushed the girls on the swing. She is such a good kid. She's going off to the Merchant Marine Academy in a few weeks. The last time we saw her, we were moving into this house instead of moving out. She's so grown up now. We're glad we got to spend a couple of hours with her even if we were busy doing chores.
This is what Ray was doing while Casey was here...trash, mowing, etc. It's officially summer. The yard needs to be mowed every 4-5 days.

Things are just getting busier. Tonight, swim, then piano. Ray is working on the crown molding in the girls' room. I need to work on lessons for camp. VBS is going full swing. Grandma arrives tomorrow night. I'm doing my best to help out a family at church that has 5 kids all ages 3 and under. So every time I think I'm getting overwhelmed... I think about living in the chaos they are living in right now then I remember I'm so happy I wake up every morning to this.
It's Bria yelling "Aaaawwweeeee! Nanan! Come!"

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Does it help that I think we have the same iPhone case? I broke mine, but it looks the same!
My hubby? Apple store? = Dangerous.

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