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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is The World Coming To An End???

For the past couple of years some friends of ours have been trying to convince me to leave my kids and go away for a weekend. We did. Once. For a marriage retreat. I was racked with guilt for leaving them. I felt guilty for doing something for me and guilt for leaving one poor woman with so many children. I did have fun but all I could think about was my girls and getting back to them. It was one night. I nearly lost it. Seriously. Why would I want to do that again?

Since I took a set of boys for 10 days a couple of years ago while my friends enjoyed an Alaskan cruise, I have been threatened with psychiatric commitment if I don't allow myself a little down time. SOOOOO..... another friend has offered to take all 3 for a sleepover. I folded. I compromised.

I can't imagine packing a bag and going anywhere right now, even the few miles it would take me to bike to the beach. In 6 months we're moving. I can't believe I can type that... 6 months! As soon as school is out our calendar is packed with travel, house hunting, camps, etc. I've never considered myself a homebody but right now, all I want to do is stay home. This leads to the compromise. For lots of reasons...not limited to but including the fact that my eye doctor lost my chart I'm out of contacts and I have to go in for another exam Sat. morning. There is also the...I teach children's worship this month and I have to prepare on Sat. night. I digress...

I am packing up my children for their first over night, together visit at a friends. I still think I'll be picking Bria up around 11. I just can't roll with that kind of guilt. Ray and I will be enjoying a tapas dinner and walking over to The Commodore. It's only the greatest movie theater ever! That gives up time to chat and time to have some quality Star Trek entertainment. All that an no driving a sitter home or paying a sitter! I'm stoked. Can you tell?

Thanks for my friends for taking on the three munchkins. I know they will be in good hands. I'll try to stay calm and know I'm in good hands too. I promise I'll enjoy the movie and the quiet Saturday morning.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You better enjoy yourself! You totally deserve some time!!!

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