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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I WON!!!

I am so excited and I just can't hide it!!! You know the drill. If you had seen me yesterday, I was doing some super duper serious cartwheels. This poor houseguest who didn't know me very well, clearly thought I lost my ever loving mind!

Photobucket I won Heidi's Friday Freebie which was hosted my One-Hip-Mom (Who may be my new best IBL friend in the whole wide world). I know that's news to her and she might find me a bit blurky for her taste but really... how could she not be my new IBLBFF (is that an acronym?) after promising to send me this...Let me tell you... she is one hip mom, outnumbering me in children and sewing up such beautiful little pillowcase dresses. Now Hanan who is way too large for a pillowcase is wondering what she could so with the curtains. Please stop by and check her out.

I just realized... Does this mean I have to host a Friday Freebie? I am soooooo not crafty but I may have to pay it forward.

Hope you had as super duper a weekend as I did. I have some way great stories... That Not Me Monday post is going to be a doozie.


heidi said...

Hosting a FF is not necessary. :-) But you can if you want! It doesn't have to be crafty, at all! Congrats on winning!

Lisa said...

I got a tickle at this this morning! Thanks and happy winning!

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