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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sam & Esther

Our church is working with a church in Nigeria through a program called AtMyGate. As the church secretary, I get to see a bit more than other people. I've witnessed the truly good work being done there. AtMyGate helps to meet immediate needs like food, schooling, medical care, etc. but they also provide job training and give loans so that businesses can be started. It's been wonderful to witness.

When this started, I became interested in the poverty levels in Africa. I've read a couple of adoption blogs and the Red Letter Campaigns. Ray's last trip to Africa peaked my interest a little more. I couldn't tell you where I found this. The girls and I watched a video yesterday. We were all crying before it was over. At first I was bothered by it. It seemed like these people were just standing around filming. I just wanted to jump in, pick these kids up and love them. It is heart breaking. I found a follow up video showing what was done for them. They are loved now and seem happy.

Here's the video...

We've been praying for these 3 children and everyone else stricken by this kind of poverty. Ray and I have been talking about what causes this level of poverty and what can be done about it. It seems so overwhelming. He told me only a few things about what he saw walking through a hospital and what life looked like outside the gates of the base. It's something I'm going to have to think about and pray about. I hope you will too.

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