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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ray's Travels

It's become a bit of a joke. Ray gets sent to a new duty station and he says with great confidence, "I shouldn't have to travel as much..." Yeah. Right. Actually, once we get to Memphis I'm quite confident that he won't have to travel as much. Right now... well that's another story.

Last week Ray traveled through both England and Germany. I think he enjoyed it. He was able to attend mass at the West Minster Cathedral. He really needs a blog of his own. I couldn't tell you about most of the other pictures. I have several. Some of the pictures of England actually reminded my of little taverns in Iceland. Anyhoo... this should be his post, not mine because other than the signs, I couldn't tell you which country he's in.

This week Ray's in Africa. He's probably not having fun. He's in the middle of a dessert. Lots of sand. Lots of heat. He also doesn't have any luggage. It took him about 42 hours to get to his destination. He said he had already sweat through his pants. He was uncomfortable and unhappy. Sometimes I'm jealous of all the travel. He gets to see things that I will probably never see. This time, I feel sorry for him.

A friend from church told me to get a message to him. She said that each pair of underwear should last four days if you wear it correctly the first day, then turn them around backwards, then inside out, then inside out and backwards. I don't think that will do much for the stink.

If you get to read this honey... buy yourself some pants and skivvies. It can be my mother's day present. I really don't want to do that laundry when you get home. Your Dad wants you to bring him some African currency. Your girls are holding their monkeys tight wishing it was you tucking them in instead. Tucker warming the bed where you are supposed to be is no real replacement. Come home soon. You're missed.


Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

What a sweet post! And let's hope he doesn't bring home "that" dirty laundry for you to wash! I agree with your Mother's Day wish for HIM!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I would love to travel like that. Seeing all those amazing places...lucky guy.
Tell us? DId he buy new undies?

heidi said...

The 4 day underwear heebs me out, man. Gross.

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