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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Rablings

Let it never be said that I am not a copy cat because I am. I rarely have a genuine idea of my own. So sue me, literally. I read Sara's ramblings this morning. I was wondering how on earth I would ever post all that is going on around here. I've avoided the blog except for big things like anniversaries and baptisms wondering where to start. Well, a big rambling post about everything going on here sounds great.
I never told anyone about my heart stopping in the fabric store when I went to buy fabric for the zebra vests. It involved very tiny, small metal carts with no straps, a baby and an eight-year old. I'm a parenting freak of nature who never lets my kids stand on the edge of a cart, front, back or side. How shocked was I when I felt movement, the lady behind me screaming and Arleigh who was trying to climb in the cart to entertain her sister had pulled the whole thing over on herself. I managed to slow the fall and keep Bria from falling out or hitting her head. Arleigh sacrificed herself trying to hold Bria from the other side. She was pretty calm considering I live with 2 drama queens right now. I swept Bria up before she could fall out with no buckle. I check on Arleigh. She is calm, trying not to cry and holding up. For pity sake let me pay and get out of Dodge. But the screamer behind me starts yelling, "She's hurt! She hit her head! I saw it! She hit her head! She's hurt!" Then, there are the tears. Oh crap. I ask her if she's hurt, did she hit her head, etc. Her pride is the only thing that's hurt. The lady won't stop. I finally turn and say, "Thanks, she's okay." I just want out of there. I have to have the stupid fabric or I might have run. I get it. We get to the car and we all break down. Awesome night makes for an awesome rambling story. I did ask why on earth she did that. She wanted to make Bria happy by sitting in a cart that there was no way she would fit in. It frankly can't be explained.
Remember Simply Shanan? Well, Shanan has also started another blog. It's called Moms and Mondays. Check it out. I don't know where that girl finds her time. Did I mention she's moving? Go shop at Simply Shanan and then check out Mom's and Mondays right now. Wait, finish my ramblings and then go.
Do you ever wonder how much personal stuff you should put on your blog? I'm not just talking about changing my kids name to Puddin' to protect her identity. Sometimes the blog is my journal. I've been going through some stuff that I really think I need to work out but I worry about the comments section or more frankly what people would think I guess. Speaking of protecting my identity. I didn't think Sara really sent the ax murderer my way for commenting on her blog when the dog went nuts for no reason last night. I'm suddenly glad it was probably a opposum.
Know someone who might want to buy a house in Virginia Beach? That's one of the things that is keeping me up at night. We have to sell or rent it. We don't know what would be best. Even though it will be Christmas before we move, I have a high level of anxiety about what to do. If you know another military family that wants in a really good school district, send them our way. Heck, they don't even have to be military. I'm starting to think for sale by owner is the only way we'll be okay. I can't believe how much the realtor fees are around here. I wake up thinking about everything I need to do and then I blog instead of doing it...
I'm taking extra kids to school this morning so my Mom Mobile bus really will be a bus. I better get going on all the things I need to catch up on.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I know! I was reading your post and about to comment when i got called to a meeting. I was laughing, thinking about the Ax Murderer coming back to me. Don't worry. I put a list of all your blogs on my door, telling him you're all more axable than me.

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