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Saturday, May 2, 2009


  • One new (not maternity) bathing suit from Target $35
  • One sunhat for Bria that the wind kept blowing off $5
  • 2 lunchables, 1 bag animal crackers and a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper $10
  • A day's worth of parking at the beach to only be there 2 hours $7
  • One bottle of sunscreen with free face balm $8.99
  • One crazy mother taking 3 girls including one toddler with a penchant for trying to drown herself and eating sand for a beach outing

Since Ray is out of the country again and Arleigh's trip to clean out the "Elizabeth River" (actually a creek by the school) was canceled, I decided to throw all three girls in the Mom Mobile and head to the boardwalk. Oh my goodness. That was not the smartest idea I ever had. Our next weekend outing will find Bria confined to a stroller.

Last year before Bria could walk she didn't really care for the water, especially when it was cold. I thought I would sit on a towel, watch Bria quietly play in the sand while Arleigh and Hanan tip toed through the waves. Right. I chased Bria constantly trying to keep her from drowning herself while watching my bag trying to make sure no one would steal my camera. I can't believe I thought I would get some sort of photo shoot in. Bria's hat was flying off. My hat was flying off. I was trying to keep her from running into the waves while picking skinny little Hanan up before the current could carry her off and screaming for Arleigh to please help me. What help can an 8-year old really be in that situation?

A mom set up shop next to us. She was here from New York for a cheer competition. She said my girls reminded her of her own daughters. Right. Her's were perfect. They had their hair in the perfect pony tails curled just so. The younger one stayed right with the older two. (They were all much older than my girls.) Everyone of them had manicured finger nails and toe nails. I'm quite certain she thought I was an evil abusive mother constantly yelling, "Come back!" "Not so far!" "Stay in front of the towels!" "Help me with your sister!" Then my favorite, "We have to leave right now!" Arleigh was frustrating me because I can generally count on her to hold Bria's hand but as I was filling the bag, she kept turning her back on Bria to try and entertain her by building a sand castle. Ugh!

It's over. Hopefully in the end my girls will remember that I tried not that I was exasperated or frustrated. Hopefully they'll remember that I stood in the freezing water with them for an hour and a half. Only time will tell. For now, I choose to remember them laughing in the waves. Hopefully I'll never run into that NY mom again.


Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

You are a brave woman! And I'm sure your girls would agree with me! When it's all said and done, I bet they had a blast today!

The Driskells said...

Hilarious! Live and learn, right? If nothing else just keep that one picture and continue to tell the story over and over again of how much fun they had - brainwash them into thinking it was a positive experience! Funny story!

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