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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's been a while... MckMama is back. She's starting up the Not Me Monday blog carnival again. I feel a little like I did the first time. Excited, anxious. I really think I need to get a life. I'm getting a head start and I'll have to hook up with Mr. Linky later. It's a busy Monday. Make sure you check out MckMama's blog just to see how well Stellan is. God is good. Let's get started...

  • This week I'm not excited to see smiling little Stellan and my Mondays will not be better because of all the Not Me! posts.
  • You already know I didn't take 3 kids to the beach by myself. I didn't make a fool of myself trying to keep Bria from drowning herself. I didn't waste all sorts of money on what should have been a cheap outing.
  • I didn't let me kids eat out 3 times over the course of a weekend. I wouldn't feed them that much junk just because their Daddy was gone and I didn't want to be bothered to cook anything, Not Me!
  • I'm not at all worried that Ray doesn't have his luggage yet. I haven't lost track of how many hours he's been forced to weather the same clothes in dry dessert heat. I'm not constantly thinking I may have to burn the luggage if he brings those clothes home without washing them.
  • I'm not at all anxious about our upcoming move. I haven't had anyone try to see me their home in the very depressed market of Memphis. I also haven't had anyone ask to buy my house well below what we want for it. This isn't going to be a long 6 months at all.
Well that's all I didn't do. What did you not do this week?


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Wow. That does sound crazy. I hope the house thing goes well. It is a depressed market, which makes it tough. Where are you moving again?

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

We're moving right outside of Memphis. It's a little more depressed there than it is here. We may not sell, we may just rent. You can see why I don't have anxiety...

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I would do the same thing about eating out if Ryan was out of town! Any excuse to not cook, right?!

heidi said...

UGH! I hope you can find something over there that is reasonable.

I bet you're calm cool and collected, eh? No stress at all, right? Uh huh.

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