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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We had a fabulous Memorial Day. We were invited over to lunch and watch the oldest annually running Memorial Day parade. Plus, it's not often that you know the grand marshal. We had a great day.

The girls enjoyed the parade in spite of the heat and a 20 minute delay because of a motorcycle accident. I happened to use it as a wonderful learning experience for the girls...see even if you go slow, they are easy to turn over and that leg is probably crushed, etc. How come it was easy for me to jump on a motorcycle and feel just like Stephanie from Grease 2 in college but the thought of my girls getting on any bike if horrifying.

Here's my cute husband waiting with two very irritated little girls waiting for the parade. Look Charles! It's a giant panda that must be burning up. Did you see???

After the parade we enjoyed fabulous ribs, corn and caprese salad then there was the best cornbread I've ever had. I feeling bad for serving the Babcocks hotdogs the last time they were at my house. I think steaks might be required to make up for it.

After lunch, the girls and some neighborhood friends enjoyed some time in the pool...the little pool. Get ready for the gratuitous butt shot.

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