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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Faux Camping

I've found the greatest thing in my house since sliced bread. Seriously! Every Memorial Weekend, I make burritos and freeze them, plan several meals around plastic utensils and paper plates, pack backpacks, sleeping bags, rubbermaids filled with pillows and bubble toys and we head to Camp Idlewild. We have a fabulous time with our friends and having a church service at camp. I come home dirty to loads of laundry and very happy but tired children. It seems to set me back 2 weeks in planning and then 2 more weeks playing catch up. As much fun as we have I often wonder if it's worth it. I'm getting to the point...I promise.

This year, Camp Idlewild has a series of woes from broken pipes and bad plumbing to now running swimming pool. No worries, it will be ready by camp season but not for us to enjoy this early in the summer. It doesn't feel like summer until my girls are out of school and we have about 3 more weeks. We found out about the problems with camp too late to book a state park so we improvised.

The girls' besties came over for grilled hot dogs, chips, corn salsa and all the other fixin's we would have at camp. We also had smores around the fireplace that Ray fixed back up for one more season. They weren't just any smores. They were gourmet with your choice of milk or dark chocolate and strawberry, toasted coconut or regular marshmallows. Don't you wish you were here?

Afterwards Virginia and Madeleine put up their tent in the playroom and the girls had their own little camping experience. Before they left on Saturday morning, they hit the sprinklers just like we planned to do at camp.

Let me say, this was camping at it's finest We still had the smell of a campfire. The girls got their smores and best friends. We had hot dogs for supper which doesn't happen around here all that often. I got my shower with my razor and my bed. Yep. We were all pretty happy campers. Here are some of the highlights.


heidi said...

That's AWESOME!!! It looks like a complete blast. :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Looks like fun! and what my type of camping all the way!

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