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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arleigh's Baptism

I couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate our 14th anniversary. On Sunday, Arleigh made the decision to be baptized. We had been talking for a long time about her decision. I was struggling wondering if she was really too young to understand what she was doing. In the end, Ray said it best, "As adults we complicate things. Who are we to decide?"

I could say alot about the discussions I had with Robert and some of our elders about what it means to grow up in a Christian family. Our examples in the Bible are mostly adults who are just hearing about Jesus for the first time. What about the children who grow up hearing about him? So, we talked it over. Once you make your decision, we see no reason to wait. I did, however, want Ray to be here. I talked about that with Arleigh. So, this Sunday was the first Sunday he was home. Arleigh made her confession of faith and I got to stand nearby as Ray baptized her in front of our congregation. Words can't express what I felt at that moment. Frankly, 2 days later and I still overwhelmed.

Unfortunatley, the pictures are horrible. I'm going to share one anyway.I wish I had a good picture of this moment. There was so much love in that room. My eyes are getting misty just thinking about it. It was such a special moment for our family.


The Driskells said...

Sunday was a great and glorious day! I am so excited for Arleigh in her decision and committment and I am so proud of you and Ray for raising an amazing young girl. You've done good! (And you continue to do good each and every day with your 3 girls!) Praise God for your family and your faith!

heidi said...

Congrats to you all!!!

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