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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Arleigh, Super Citizen

Way to go Arleigh! Arleigh was just named Super Citizen for the second time this year. The award was given to the child who was considered "Most Trustworthy." I am clearly one very proud Mama. I am not at all surprised but there are several things that make me happy about this particular award. Let me tell you about them.

Super Citizen is typically reserved for a once a year award. This year, Arleigh's teacher decided that because it was the end of the year, and because the award was for trustworthiness, she would let her class choose. Typically the teacher makes the choice. The class was also instructed to write why they chose Arleigh. Bless Ms. Walker, she sent home copies of the votes for Arleigh.

A few of the things written included, "Arleigh is a sweet girl and I know I can always trust her." "She tells the truth." My personal favorite was, "Arleigh is a good friend. I'm voting for her because she always stays on green." Arleigh has never been disciplined this year. (She has at home plenty of times, just not at school.) Not changing her color, or moving her stick is something Arleigh prides herself on.

Arleigh is a good, compliant little girl. She's a teacher's dream child. She works hard to apply what she's learning, she obeys and encourages that behaviour in other children. At home, she can be a challenge because she often thinks she is more mature than she actually is. At school that is a trait that serves her well. I know God has big plans for my little girl.

We are very proud of you Arleigh for all your hard work, kindness and honesty. We love you very much.


The Driskells said...

Very cool! I think Arleigh is pretty awesome! My R&B do too! Way to go Arleigh!

Roth Family said...

Good job! Parents have a lot to do with this, so pat yourself on the back!

Roth Family said...

Nice job! Give yourself a pat on the back also. Parents have a lot to do with kids being good citizens and especially being trustworthy!

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