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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Fling

Spring Fling is here and it couldn't come at a better time. Thanks Sara for hosting. To see all the Spring Fling posts (and help me look for mine) head on over to the Domestically Disabled Girl site. Now on my guest blogger...

What girly thing can I not live without, let me see...
Would it be cosmetics...no
Would it be high heels...no
Would it be a bra...no
Would it be frilly clothes... no
Here it is!
The girly thing I cannot live without...MY FLAT IRON!
As you can guess I am not a really girly girl so I just need the basics to make me happy. I hate to fix my hair, in fact when I get my haircut I always say, "now nothing fancy that will take me hours to fix. I just need a hairstyle where I can get up and go." I also hate to blow dry my hair and taking showers before bed can do numbers on the hair when you wake up in the morning. But thank goodness for a MY FLAT IRON! My hair might look like a wreck when I wake up but give it 10 minutes with the FLAT IRON and we are good to go. I have two FLAT IRONS. I use the Vidal Sassoon FLAT IRON everyday and the Wet 2 Straight FLAT IRON was given to me by my sister-in-law and so I keep it for a back up (since I can't live without my FLAT IRON, I need two in case of a disaster and one goes out on me). These are just FLAT IRONS from Wal-Mart. No telling how my love for the FLAT IRON would grow if I had a FLAT IRON like the salons have.
So now that you know what I can't live without, continue on the spring fling journey and see what other women around the world can't live without!


Thanks for the Spring Fling provided by the Miller Racing Family. Don't forget to check out all the other Spring Flings. This is going to be fun.


King J's Queen said...

Well, I've seen two flat irons so far. I definitely will have to get one myself and give it a try.

Love Bria Faith's name. She and my Princess E share the same middle name.

E said...

Oh yes, I am a flat iron kinda girl, too! Definitely!!!

Enjoyed the Spring Fling. Did you find mine yet? =0)

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

One the rare occasion that I actually try to do something to my hair, my flat iron is the first thing that I grab! Would you believe that when I was in high school I would use a household iron and ironing board to straighten my hair?! I had a BAD perm in those days!
Thank goodness we now have flat iron!

Miller Racing Family said...

At last I am found! Thanks for hosting my post today. I have really enjoyed reading all of the flings. I love your blog and all of the photos. I also like your motivation for mom tip, great idea. Thanks again for hosting and have a blessed weekend!

Ace said...

More flat irons! I have flat irons on mine today!

Kameron said...

That settles it, I need a backup for my flat iron!! I know if it were to die on me I'd be at a loiss, so I am going to stash and extra one for just such a time!

Jenn said...

I was so going to use a flat iron as my must have girly thing! It took me until college to figure out straightening my hair made it look better...and it took me until last year to realize a flat iron was so much easier than blowing it out with a round brush! :)

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