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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Day After Easter

I'm back. I logged in this morning and noticed the last time I was on was April 9th, which also happens to be my dear mother's birthday. Yes, I forgot to post a fabulous little story about how wonderful my mother is. The fact is, if you know her, you know how great she is. She hates having her picture taken. So, I called her and I remembered. I didn't mix her birthday up with my Dad's and that was an bigger accomplishment that you will ever realize. I didn't send the roses that my brother sent but I did give her 3 wonderful granddaughters. I think we're good.

Where have I been you ask? Well I'll be happy to tell you just how busy we are. I had to help Arleigh create the Moto Moto 3000. Her school assignment had her making a car out of a potato for a potato derby.

I think we did a pretty good job. She was doing great, in second place, until the wheels kept falling off. She was a little frustrated. Little does she know that she is the guinea pig for her little sister next year. I'm saving those wheels and we have an even better plan...

I went to Hanan's Easter party at school, complete with an egg hunt. I went with a tired, cranky baby. Next time, we'll nap first. By we'll, I mean both of us.
The next day, I packed two excited girls and one tired, cranky baby in the car. Eventually the puppy and hubby joined us for an overnight trip to Camp Idlewild. It wasn't as bad as it looks. There is a DVD player in the car. I am a firm believer in making everyone happy in the car. Arleigh and Hanan sit in the back with a bag full of DS games and Arleigh's nano full of music and movies. Bria gets the DVD player. The only one that remains unhappy is Ray. He just needs to get Bria to wear her headphones so we can listen to talk radio. (Pictures of that later...)
We got to camp knowing that one water line wasn't working. While there, we found that several weren't working. Good think we packed lots of water and there is a creek nearby. We also only stayed one night. Here's a picture of the girls trying to help their Daddy so we could potty.
It's been a long weekend and Spring Break has officially begun. We had a great Easter. Pictures and stories and there is a really good story will have to wait. I need to pay a little attention to the girls since they are home today. I'm also dying to catch up with every other blog.

Hope you have a great week.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Oh my! That potato was awesome! I could not believe that it was a potato. I am glad that you took a closeup so I could look closer at it.
I am glad to hear that you had a great easter!

Navylangs said...

Who are these old tween looking imposters! No way could they be the tiny Arleigh and Hanan.

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