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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Email Jokes

Thank goodness for my email inbox or I would never be able to participate in Wayne's Tell A Joke Tuesday. Here goes...

Three guys had to cross a lake. The first one prayed to God for the strength, he swam across the lake, but almost died 5 times.

The second guy prayed to God for the strength and the tools, he made a boat, and rowed himself across the lake, he almost died 3 times.

The third guy prayed to God for the strength, the tools, and the brains. He turned into a girl, walked 4 yards, and crossed the bridge.


The Driskells said...


Jennifer said...

That one made me laugh!

Wayne said...

Very funny joke Ii had a good chuckle at this one.

Thankyou for taking part in Tell a joke tuesday

Alex the Girl said...

ah...ha ha ha ha

Wayne said...

Hey Brandi go check my blog out

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