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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm not going to bore you with tales of our Spring Break Staycation. Tye's (my brother or as Olivia says, my little bother) wedding is in a couple of weeks. A three day trip to St. Louis, (17 hours each way I'm so excited!) has wrecked my travel budget. We are hanging out around the homestead. Lucky for us Camp Idlewild is close. The girls wanted to camp. The schedule (mostly Ray's) allowed for us to go up on Good Friday and come home Sat. night. Even without running water, we had fun. The girls love riding the ATV with Tucker running ahead of them. Ray worked on the water and an obstacle course he's setting up before the summer season. Hanan, Bria and I hiked around the camp perimeter while Arleigh and Ray strung cable in the woods.

So you know... I'll confess to forgetting the graham crackers and smores. I almost forgot the sleeping bags and pillows. We enjoyed some melted marshmallows and quickly melting chocolate. I'll shut up now and just let you see the pictures.

This puppy loves to be at camp. He runs in front of the ATV at about 30 mph. I do worry a little bit that if other dogs every join us, he'll be a little territorial. He's a pretty good pound puppy.Bria walked through a mud puddle and then jumped for good measure. I was out of warm clothes. She put her too small pjs back on with her crocs. She had to have the crocs because there was water every where. Notice her wrist, that's a washer or something she found that she decided would be a great bracelet. I have another fashionista on my hands.
Yep, those are headphones. Ray is trying to teach her to wear those so he can listen to talk radio on that long ride to St. Louis. It only lasts about 60 seconds before she flings them at his head.
There were losts of "Mom, Dad watch this!" and "Hey look at me!" and don't forget "Take my picture moments!" Excuse the blur. She was Tarzan. I only wish I had a picture of Arleigh's skirt when we got back home. It was literally black. Thank you OxyClean.

Bria loved to pick the chick weed and chase her "Baaaaalll!"


heidi said...

SUch cute girls! Love the little fashionista. I'm glad you had a good Staycation.

I forget everything, I swear it. Last time we went somewhere I forgot Rob's underwear. HA!
Really? I have to remember to pack everything for all 6 of us?? *sigh*

I love Oxyclean, too. Thank you Billy Mayes for screaming at me enough that I finally bought it!

I want headphones for when Rob listens to talk radio. It makes my head hurt.

Wayne said...

I love the picture of the girl with the ball.

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

Hey mom you have a very very cool blog! Arleigh

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