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Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Bout of Strep

So this is how it goes...I get an early appointment to take Arleigh in, not with my favorite doc or PA but it's Friday so I'll take what I can get. Everyone is bathed. Arleigh is not happy but not terribly upset. I have promised the world if she's good...

Cut to, where in the doctor's office for about 2 minutes when they call her back. The CMA writes down her stats walks out and comes back in. I'm quite sure she isn't qualified to list as even a nurse. She's young and clearly doesn't have kids of her own. She announces that she's doing the strep test, not the doc.

Have I told you about Arleigh's love for strep tests? She would rather get a double dose of antibiotic cold shot in her bum than have a strep test. She is the most complitant child in the world. If you don't believe me, ask anyone who knows her. Sure, she's a kid and she has a sarcastic mouth but if she knows we want or need her to do something, generally it gets done. She has been screaming since we noticed the fever that she will not go to the doctor, not because she doesn't want a shot but because she doesn't want a strep test. She gags, sometimes throws up. It's ugly.

She is now 8. She refused. She kept her mouth shut. Her big brown eyes pleaded with me to save her from such torture. This CMS DID NOT know what she was doing. I was so frustrated. I kept thinking, should the doc look at her throat first? I'm pleading with Arleigh to just get it over with. Bless her heart, she tried. She tried with tears in her eyes. At the last second as that tip got close to her throat, she would automatically lurch back, shut her mouth and push the CMA off of her. When the stupid popsicle stick came out to hold her tongue down, it really got ugly. You would have thought Arleigh was being threatened with a midevil torture device.

It seemed like hours but after a couple of minutes, I forced Arleigh to lie down. She was screaming, kicking, pleading for me to let her up. I was starting to worry that the CMA was going to hurt her trying. Finally one of the nurses who knows us and knows Arleigh came in, held Arleigh's head, showed the CMA where to hold and got the swab.

I knew she had so I scooped Arleigh up and held her like I was holding Bria. She was sobbing saying "I am so sorry Mama! I am so sorry!" She was so hurt that she had disappointed me. It was all I could do not to cry. I rocked her and held her for as long as I could but there were 2 other girls needing me too.

Oh that's right...Hanan and Bria... where were they? Hanan was holding Bria's hand trying to make sure she didn't get away. Bria was screaming and pulling trying to get at anyone who was hurting her sister. When it was all over, I sat with 3 girls piled on top of me wishing no one ever had to get cick.

Finally the doc comes in. Yep, it was all worth it. She has strep. He doesn't like to be the bad guy. He did glance at her throat, sent me home with an antibiotic that will be with us in St. Louis at the wedding.

Oh yeah... where's the other kid in my life, Ray... Well he's in parts unknown. At least that's what he tells me. Actually he's in European parts unknown, he's missed a flight, sitting in an airport for 7 hours. I told him it's only fair.

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

You poor lady, and your poor girls! What an ordeal. Just think~ it is now spring, and it WiLL get better!

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