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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 4th Day of Staycation

On the fourth day of Spring Break Staycation my true love sent to me... a trip to the Nissan dealership.

No, it's not a van to replace my 5 year old mom mobile (that I dearly love and do not want to replace.) It was for a service before our trip to St. Louis (that is going to mean 18 hours in the car each way). Off I went with 3 kids in tow. First I had this conversation with Ray...
"Honey, I need to tell Bernard exactly what needs to be checked like the squealing steering belt and the horrible rattle."
Ray says, "Oh, it's been a couple of weeks since the squeal. I think it's just old. Just the regular service and we may need tires."

I make the appointment and this is what happens when I get there...
  1. The power is out. They can't open the doors to get the cars in and out of the service bay much less service them.
  2. Bria falls at least 5 times always landing face down and will now have several bruises all over her face. Dr. Younger already asks me every week at church if I'm beating her.
  3. I walked around the lot in the mist at least 23 times to calm Bria down only to hear moans from the other two who think it's not fair that Bria can ride in the stroller.
  4. My children ate a sausage biscuit with chocolate milk then chocolate donuts, then when it became clear we would be even longer, we walked to a favorite Mexican restaurant for chips, white and red salsa, quesadillas and in an effort to make everything last longer, fried ice cream.
  5. I heard "Mama can I...." 1,437 times.
  6. I changed 3 horrible diapers and ran out of wipes then silently prayed that it would all soon be over.
  7. I made 5 trips the bathroom and sent the girls by themselves at least 15 times. (When did they decide automatic flushing toilets were okay?)
  8. The girls decided that what we really need is a brand new gas guzzling Nissan Armada.
  9. I broke up 4 fights about toys. (pretty good by our standards.)
  10. I heard numerous, "She's so cute." from Arleigh and Hanan talking about her sister.
  11. I held each of the three of them at least 3 times each.
  12. Bria bit Arleigh...hard when Arleigh wouldn't stop tickling her.
  13. The girls think they can now change tires.
  14. I replaced the alternator and said another prayer of thanks for my extended warranty.
  15. The squealing steering belt was no biggie.
  16. I found out I needed 4 new tires or I might be endangering myself and my children if I drove the 3 miles back to my house.
  17. I finally got in touch with Ray after 2 hours of incessant texting, emails and phone calls to finally decide that yes the dealership really does have the best price on tires.
  18. I got in line behind 3 other people for the new tires to aligned because it took me 2 hours to find Ray.
  19. I heard at least 27 "I love you, Mama."s and 5 "Your the best Mom in for whole wide world." (I think that last one was because of donuts and fried ice cream.)
  20. While I wasn't at all patient and I don't look forward to it again, it was nice to have my girls' undivided attention for a few hours.
  21. I heard the first page of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" 4 times.
  22. I got to hear all the updates about the romances of the 2nd grade class.
  23. I may have walked Bria enough to make up for lunch and the fried ice cream
  24. Ray is in my debt for spending 5 hours and 15 minutes at the dealership with his girls and I'm milking it for all it's worth.
  25. I spent enough money that it's probably a good thing this is only a Spring Break Staycation. My wallet and my credit card are in pain.
Thanks. I just wanted a little whine. Anybody got any cheese? I'll eventually post those Easter pictures.


The Driskells said...

Those are the trips you'll always remember! Now the next time you're at the car dealership for just an hour it will seem like a breeze!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

The only thing I can think of to say is
So glad it was you and not me! I'd have gone InSaNe!

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